Giant Food and Hooper’s Crab House to steam crabs curbside

steamed crabs

I’m fairly sure that my absolute favorite thing to eat – anytime of the year – would be steamed crabs. I love them cold the next day, too – don’t you? One of my summer jobs when I was in high school and into college was working at a carry-out crab place, Bill’s Seafood in Perry Hall. Bill Paulshock started his business selling crabs out of the back of his truck, driving back and forth several times a week to the Eastern Shore. Then later, he opened a little shop (where I worked) and now, 20+ years later, he has a much larger shop and operation and does tons of catering, steams crabs off-site and still works SO hard. I don’t know how he does it all. Billy taught us all how to steam crabs and every once in a while (whoopsie) we steamed another bushel right before closing. Okay, that didn’t happen very often but when it did, everyone got to take a few hot crabs home. My mom did not allow my smelly, crabby old Tretorns into the house. For good reason. Gah-ross.

Growing up, we never had much money, so crabs were a really big deal. We never went out to a crab house to eat them…rather, ordered them from Bill’s and we savored every single bit of crab meat. Some of my best memories are in my parents’ backyard, hanging with my five brothers and a host of close family friends – eating, laughing, watching lightning bugs and trying not to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. My mom was a master picker and we all took turns picking crabs for my dad, as his Multiple Schlerosis did not allow him to do that for himself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – sharing your backfin…that is LOVE!

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